Brown Gas – HHO (002)

• Hydrated water for health.

When Brown’s Gas is bubbled through clean water, the water absorbs oxygen and hydrogen.
We think there is an additional energy (electrical in nature) added to the water as well. We find the drinking the resulting enhanced, oxygenated and hydrated water to bring us alert like drinking a cup of coffee, without the side effects.
Many people know that oxygenated water is healthful. There are many companies selling water that has had oxygen added to it.
What is generally unknown is that water is even more healthful when hydrogen is added to it. Drinking water is called hydrating the body. An astonishing fact is that chlorinated water, coffee, carbonated and sweetened fluids are generally dehydrating. Most of the diseases known to mankind (including aging) can be prevented or mitigated by hydrating the body.
Every test of Brown’s Gas enhanced water shows it to be super hydrating, far superior to regular water (as much as 10 times).
Enhanced water is an essential key to keeping an active youthful body as the years go by. We have reason to believe this water enhances every chemical process in the body, making a super immune system and mitigating the symptoms of aging, mostly caused by dehydration.

• Muscle relaxation; pain relief
When Brown’s Gas is applied to the skin, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which then flows (via blood) to muscles and joints that have problems due to dehydration, resulting in nearly instantaneous relief of pain caused from cramps and swelling. This relief continues for extended periods of time .

• Speed healing of wounds
When Brown’s Gas is applied to a wound, hydrogen and oxygen are absorbed which kills anaerobic microorganisms and assists cell regeneration.

14 thoughts on “Brown Gas – HHO (002)

  1. Any medical studies to back up these claims?

    I don’t see any referances, no experimental data, what was the mean healing time? What about your control group?

    I would prefer a medical study before putting Hydrogen charged water and possibly Carbon Monoxide charged in water from Sodium Bicarbonate.

    You know people die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning….just something to think about.


  2. I have been using HHO Water for about 2 weeks now. I use 24 oz. twice a day. I feel better after I drink it. I have fibromyalgia so I will come back and give an update in a few more weeks.

    • Hi Susan,

      I would love to hear your comments on how you are going with the HHO treatment.
      I have the Water4Gas books but I am learning as much as I can about the water, which I am more interested in than saving gas.

      I am also interested in how you produce your HHo.

      Many thanks.


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  4. Is it bad for your body or toxic if you were to drink the water that came out of the hydrogen generator( water and baking soda solution)?

  5. Is it toxic for your body if you were to drink the water that came out of the hydrogen generator( water and baking soda solution) after having the electric probes in it for a while?

  6. are bacteria killed in the process ?
    did you had the water test ?
    You have to use distilled water and probebly sanitized components and piping so no other compound will be present in the HHO.

  7. I have used the HHO water and the only caution is to start out with smaller amounts, say 1/2 cup once a day and see how you fee.

    Allow your body to acclimate before increasing amount consumed, reason being, it is such a powerful purifier, if over done, you will be killing germa and pathogens faster than you body can eleminate them and will have resulting rashs and perhaps diehera.

    P.S. Baking soda and water is not harmful to the body. One of the best ways to cure an upset stomach is a 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda in a cup 8 ozs of water.

  8. Where can I read more of the doctors that are trying brown’s gas for healing. I understand that this process has been used to cure many types of health problems, in a lab environment that is. Where is the research?

  9. George Wiseman has a couple of videos about Browns Gas/HHO and it’s uses for health benefits. The electrolyzers are easy to find on ebay from experimenters that have a passion for the HHO gas uses. You won’t find many talking about the health aspects, because of the ridicule factor. People roll their eyes until they are sick and desparate. Justin Church is another person that has videos and his H-Cat discovery will blow you away. The H-Cat forums has a topic on HHO health.

    The gas needs to be bubbled through your drinking water. It will raise the ph to the alkaline side to about 8.5.

    I’ve been drinking HHO infused water for many years off and on and don’t have arthritis pains anymore. I get reminded of my neglect when pains returns and have to get back on the water if I want to stay away from the doctor.

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