Water : a secret ingredient

How 8 glasses a day keeps fat away. Water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off. It is important to drink 8-10 glasses (approximately 2 Litres) a day.You should also increase the amount if you exercise briskly or if the weather is hot and dry. It should preferably be cold because it absorbs into the system quicker than warm water. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body fluids will be thrown off balance and you may experience fluid retention, unexplained weight gain and loss of thirst. Ultimately, when your body gets the water it needs to function at its best, its fluids are perfectly balanced.

water cup

water cup

Water suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolise store fat. The kidneys need enough water to function properly.When they aren’t receiving enough, some of their workload is dumped onto the liver.The liver’s main function is to metabolise stored fat into energy for your body to use.Therefore, if the liver has to do some of the kidney’s work, it will not function fully.This results in the metabolism of less fat, therefore, more fat remains stored in the body and weightloss stops.

Drinking enough water is good for fluid retention. When your body is not getting
enough water it begins to hold on to every drop possible to survive.When this
happens water starts to store itself outside cells and this can lead to swollen feet,
legs and hands.To prevent this from happening you must drink plenty of water! By
doing this you will be releasing the stored water from cells.

An overweight person needs more water than a thin person. Larger people have
large metabolic loads and since water is essential for fat metabolism it is clear that an overweight person would need a large amount.

Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving them the ability to contract. It also helps to prevent sagging skin that results from weightloss.Water re-hydrates the skin and leaves it clear, healthy and supple!

Water helps to flush out waste. When losing weight, the body has a lot of waste or metabolised fat to get rid of and water aides in that process.

Water relieves constipation. When your body isn’t getting enough water, it takes what it needs from other sources and the colon is a primary source.This results in
constipation, however, by drinking enough water, normal bowl function will return.

Things to remember!
Your body will not function properly without enough water and can’t metabolise stored fat efficiently.
Retained water shows up as excess weight.
To get rid of excess waste you must drink more water.
Drinking water is essential to weight loss.

Water is a Secret Ingredient.


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