FDA Regulates Bottled Water

The FDA regulates bottled water as:

  • Artesian water comes from an underground aquifer. The aquifer is a confined, pressurized chamber below the surface of the earth that has no porthole to the surface. As a result, the water does not come into contact with air, a feature that prevents bacterial growth. The EPA considers this water the purest because of the layers of porous rock and clay that confine it and keep it pure underground. Delicious Organics offers natural artesian water.

    • Mineral water comes from an underground source too. Containing at least 250 parts per million of dissolved solid minerals naturally, they cannot be added to the water.
    • Spring water also comes from an underground source. The difference is that spring water finds its way to the surface through a fracture or fissure in the earth’s surface. With spring water, there is always a porthole to the surface.
    • Distilled water is boiled and evaporated. It has no minerals in it and the very structure of the cell of each water molecule is also stripped away; depending upon how it is treated, it may contain chemicals like nickel and aluminum. It is not fit for human consumption.
    • Drinking water is typically tap water from a municipal water system that has been filtered through a process of reverse osmosis in an attempt to remove contaminants.
    • Tap Water is chlorinated and has added fluoride and other chemicals added through processing. It is not fit for human consumption. There are links between ingesting chlorinated water and cancer. Some bottled waters actually include tap water in the mix so be careful which water you are drinking to make sure you are getting what you think you are drinking. If drinking your tap water, make sure to get a good filter that will catch chlorine, fluoride and other added chemicals. This will make the water taste better and be better for our bodies. And make sure to change your filter on schedule so that you are drinking clean water.
    • Well Water is underground water that man has drilled a hole to tap.

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