The Link Between Acididty and Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is triggered when the body’s acidic level becomes too large, leaving some acid particles in the blood which in turn make scratches and bumps within the interior walls of arteries and veins. When injuries to these walls are ‘bandaged’ over with elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, calcium and other waste levels they become thicker, hence, we see the narrowing of arteries.

What you must realize is that hardening of the arteries, through high cholesterol, is not the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol and other thick, sticky substances cannot bond to smooth vessel walls, but, rather, once the arterial vessel walls become abrasive and eroded by acid particles then fatty plaques can stick to them.

There are two dangerous aspects to narrowing of the arteries. The first and foremost danger is raising of blood pressure, as it increases the risks of a heart attack. The second and by no means the lesser of two evils is the danger of a stroke, caused by fatty plaques detaching from the arterial walls traveling through the bloodstream to the brain. These findings are well documented by the clinical studies of Dr. Kancho Kuninaha. Dr. Kuninaha successfully lowered blood pressure levels in many of his patients by invoking a regimen of alkaline water. Through his clinical studies, he found that this process allowed blood pressure readings to normalize, which only indicated the arteries had in fact opened up, allowing for the alkaline particles in the water to remove the fatty plaques and acid wastes deposited on the arterial walls.

The body can suffer prolonged damage due to having an unbalanced pH level. Having to much acid in the body will force the body to borrow minerals from vital organs such as calcium, sodium, potassium. This “borrowing” slowly deteriorates the body, breaking it down and ultimately causing chronic illness. Some conditions such as Cardiovascular damage, diabeties, cancer, are mostly irreversable. However, through proper alkalizing the body will rejuvinate healthy cells and promote overall healthy living, ultimately eliminating any potential rise to skin and liver problems, parasites, body odor and bad breath, alergies, constipation.

Our body is like a flowing river, the river flows smoothly along it’s route until it is stopped up. When this occurs a swamp is generated. Smelly areas stagnate creating a home for bacteria, mold, insects. Similarly, in an idealistic scenario our body digests food which flows through the body with little or no blockage. Digestion begins in the mouth and should take 24 hours from start to finish in a good-flowing, clear, clean environment. When the system gets stopped up, like the stopped up river, the body also becomes like a swamp. When the digestive system gets congested, disease sets in. This is why it is important to maintain a pH balanced system that includes proper food combining and daily supplementing.

Another example is a swimming pool. If you leave a pool unattended for a long period of time what happens? Mold, mildue, discoloration all starts to set in, not to mention the smell. Similarly, our body is made up of over 70% water so if we do not properly alkalize daily we are creating an unhealthy environment non-condusive to healthy living.

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