Soil Slide Down! – Civil Engineer Failed!

Engineering phase in project is very important. Anything can predict & calculated in this phase. If there are some thing wrong in the sketch design, it can be found during calculation. Usually calculation phase or engineering phase make every engineer headache, its need more power, stamina, concentration and patient.

If engineer can not focus and take an easy way to design something (structure, pipe line system, mechanical integrated equipment & etc) it can be a dangerous thing!.

I found it in my last project. Our civil engineer very improper/careless about engineering phase. When they fill valley with soil, they do not calculate accurate, so when it reach erection phase, they are no procedure that must be obey by subcontractor to full fill those valley with soil.

Time after time when rainy season come, suddenly it happened!, the soil slide down! with almost structure that finish constructed. Oh my God, this is un forgetable!

More time to finish this project! more budget again, more time…. 😦

Area Project Than Soil is Slide Down

Area Project Than Soil is Slide Down

My Mechanical Team

My Mechanical Team

Soil Slide Down!

Soil Slide Down!

Soil & Structure Slide Down

Soil & Structure Slide Down

This a Nightmare! 😦

3 thoughts on “Soil Slide Down! – Civil Engineer Failed!

  1. With the current state of the economy and the government’s efforts to stimulate it, civil engineers are in high demand for designing and building the new infrastructure in the USA. Civil engineers will be needed both in the planning and in the construction phases of all of this construction.

  2. yep, where ever the projects start, we always need civil engineer πŸ™‚
    new infrastructure or restoration of old infrastructure always need many civil engineer to do that πŸ™‚
    should be a good one in order to all project phase can finish smooth & on schedule and budget also πŸ™‚

  3. I would have the immediate impression nobody should have built on that site to begin with and never a raised soil filled terrace with water flows known to be a part of the normal process. It is not an engineer design, this is a Planning disaster, well before the engineer even saw the site it was mistaken, almost inevitable; these are arable terrace slopes in need of persistent maintenance work and expected to move endlessly as well as during weathered rock, heavy rains, soil does not sit there inert it changes.

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