Fly Ash Pneumatic Conveying

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The use of pneumatic conveying means has revolutionized conveying of high quantity of fly ash that is generated in power plants/DR plants that can be coarse to very fine. Further, the highly abrasive dust is safely conveyed in pipelines at low velocity to storage silo through means of pneumatic pressure vessel. This meet the needs of further transfer to desired destination points that are away from fly ash generation source.

Dry fly ash is important constituent for cement & fly ash bricks manufacturing, thus helping in material beneficiation as well as in preventing environmental pollution. Working through dense phase pneumatic conveying principle, these systems are versatile, efficient, reliable as well as fully automatic. Some of the unique features of these systems is:

  • Multi-location pick up point facility
  • Having bottom discharge option and no outlet valve
  • Using single conveying line for material transport



  • During operation, when height of fly ash in hopper above pneumatic pressure vessel reaches predetermined level (as detected by level probe), the feed valve of pneumatic pressure vessel opens thus allowing ash to fill vessel
  • On completion of filling, seal valve closes, thus allowing conveying cycle to commence as well as convey fly ash through enclosed pipeline to storage silo, where ash separates from conveying air and settling down in silo
  • Conveying air is safely vented out after passing through bag filter

System Designing:

  • These systems can be designed for single/multiple supply point arrangement
  • Can be used to convey through same pipeline with operations being controlled by standard circuitry or PLC
  • Providing mimic display facility for monitoring system performance
  • Specially designed pipeline & generously proportioned bends are used in pneumatic conveying system for reducing pipeline wear and tear

Fly ash disposal system –

  • Fly ash stored in fly ash storage silo utilizes telescopic chute/ash conditioner for loading into bulker/ trucks for meeting the demands of further transportation
  • Telescopic chute is used for loading fly ash into closed bulker/ tanker
  • Ash conditioner is used to load conditioned ash into open truck
  • Capacity of unloading system depends on system requirement

Key Benefits:

  • Prevention of pollution & protection of environment
  • Fly ash can be used in dry form as raw materials for cement manufacturing, bricks
  • Fully enclosed system
  • Energy and cost saving
  • Prevents caking
  • Space saving
  • Small to high capacity versatile system